ICBC Rates Too High?

man on motorcycleMotorcycle rider, Darryl Smith, is outraged at ICBC rates saying they are too high.  He moved to BC from Calgary and had to pay $800 for basic insurance on his 2009 Dyna Low Rider. This is compared to $300 in Alberta.

What Smith has not been told however, is how much better the ICBC insurance policy is when compared to the Alberta policy.

In BC, the insured is entitled to Part 7 benefits to assist with injury related rehabilitation regardless of fault. The maximum allowable under the plan is $150,000 per claim. Similar benefits exist in Alberta but without the same limit. See

Third policy insurance in BC is available up to $5,000,000 per accident. This means if someone causes an accident and hurts several people the owner will have protection to this amount. Limits of this magnitude are not available elsewhere in the country for the rate available in BC.

In short, ICBC premiums might cost more but the coverage is superior to anywhere in the country.


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