Motorcycle Parking Vancouver

bike parkingIn an attempt to ‘Go Green’, the City of Vancouver has designated more than 200 parking spots for motorcycles and scooters only.  Some spots are pay parking and others are free.

Two wheel spots are marked with meters with green painted tops, white painted zones and motorcycle parking signs.

Motorcycle and scooters can park in any regular space and receive a 50-75% discount if using the PayByPhone App on your smart phone. You must have a licence plate on your bike so unregistered electric scooters are not eligible.

Licenced motorcycles or scooters can share the spot if there is room and they fit within the painted lines. The single meter will pay for all the bikes in that spot if coins are deposited. If the PayByPhone option is used, then only the bike registered under the App is considered paid and the rest can receive a ticket. In other words, you need to use coins to legally pay for more than one bike in a spot.

For more information and a map of motorcycle parking spot locations, visit

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