Cell Watch Campaign

stop textingDistracted driving is the new impaired driving. In 2007, 22 percent of fatal collisions were attributed to distracted drivers and 35 percent to impaired drivers. In 2013, 30 percent of fatal collisions occurred at the hand of distracted drivers and 23 percent from impaired drivers. On average each year, 88 of our family and friends are dying due to people texting, emailing or talking on cellular phones.  * (see ICBC)

In an effort to combat these statistics, the Province and ICBC have launched the Cell Watch campaign to remind people about the implications of distracted driving. The campaign includes TV, radio and other public service announcements with increased police enforcement looking for distracted driving around the province.

Cell Watch decals are available at your local auto agent to put on the back of your vehicle to signify you do not use your cell phone when driving. Cell Watch drivers will remind other drivers to leave their phones alone while on the road.

“There really is no excuse for looking away from the road for a text, call or other distraction …” [Attorney General, Suzanne Anton]

“We are asking drivers to leave their phones alone and stay focused on the road. A text or a call is not worth risking your life over.” [Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Todd Stone]


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