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credit cardA recent motorcycle accident in Australia may cause you to review the third party insurance coverage provided through your credit card company when renting a vehicle in a foreign country. Third party coverage is the insurance that protects you if you cause an accident and injure someone.

Many drivers do not buy third party insurance because they believe their credit card provides coverage. A Canadian woman found out the hard way that her credit card did not cover third party damages inflicted upon an unsuspecting motorcyclist. See In the event you rely on your credit card for rental vehicle third party coverage, we suggest you contact your credit card company and ask for written confirmation.

One way to be certain you have coverage when renting a vehicle in Canada and the United States is to purchase a Roadstar Package from ICBC. In BC, all drivers automatically receive $200,000 third party coverage and can purchase up to $5,000,000. Third party coverage is valid when travelling in Canada and the United States but is not transferrable to a rental car unless the driver purchases a Roadstar Package. Other benefits of the package include:

•   Coverage for replacement transportation while your vehicle is getting repaired after a crash or until your claim is settled. You’re covered even if you were at fault.

•   Vehicle travel protection—coverage for unexpected costs if you’re in a crash while travelling, like living expenses, a replacement vehicle or towing costs.

•  Lock rekeying—coverage for replacing stolen keys or remote keyless-entry transmitter.

Note: Limitations apply and we recommend contacting your local Autoplan agent for additional information.

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