Hit and Run Motorcycle Fatality in Surrey

motorcycle-accident-june25A young motorcyclist was fatally injured at the intersection of 96 Avenue and 123 A Street in Surrey at around 11pm last night. According to witnesses, the motorcycle rider was proceeding straight through the intersection when the offending driver turned left striking the rider and causing injury. The driver of a Honda car stopped before feeing on foot. Police are investigating.

This accident is on the heels of statistics released by ICBC this month indicating an average of 49,000 hit and run accidents occur each year. Of those, an average of 2,200 people are injured and 9 killed.

We urge all riders to be aware of the cars around them and remember that many people are driving while on cell phones or texting. If you see an accident occur and a driver leaves the scene, attempt to get the licence plate number if possible. This could affect the amount of insurance available to the injured person.

Daryl Brown
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