ICBC Caps Punish Victims

ICBC CapsThe NDP government is considering “injury caps” on motor vehicle accident claims. Injury caps eliminate fair compensation for injury victims. Caps make good drivers pay for bad drivers. Caps punish victims. For more, visit

As a concerned member of society, people like myself are contacting all friends and family to send emails to Premier Horgan, Attorney General David Eby, Interim BC Liberal Leader Rich Coleman and their MLAs.  Their email addresses are located at BC Legislature/members Use the subject line, “Say No to Injury Caps”.

We also ask you to encourage your friends and family on Facebook or elsewhere to support this communications effort to the government. To help explain your opposition to caps, advise our elected officials their stay in office will be short lived. Opposition to caps is set out below:

 Injury Caps = Poor Public Policy

  1. Injury caps means good drivers pay for bad drivers.  Injury caps mean all British Columbians will pay to subsidize bad drivers and insurers.
  2. Injury caps unfairly harm the poor, the elderly, the retired, immigrant communities and BC’s working class.  Injury caps deny access to justice because only the wealthy can afford to challenge the caps.
  3. Injury caps systems take longer, cost more, and policy holders get less to aid in their recovery.


Addressing ICBC’s Issues

Most of the financial pressure on ICBC is due to:

  1. The rise in accidents and claims related to distracted driving
  2. The former government taking $1.3 billion from ICBC general operating revenue; and
  3. ICBC mismanagement and mistreatment of policy holders, which has led to higher costs and mistrust of the syst


ICBC’s problems can be fixed without further taxing British Columbians and good drivers. Here is how:

Making our roads safer by:

  1. Reducing distracted driving, speeding, and impaired driving
  2. Making higher risk drivers pay higher premiums
  3. Rewarding policy holders who driver safer cars with cheaper premiums
  4. Embracing technology in new cars and collision avoidance systems. For example:
  • For example, studies show that automatic emergency braking systems alone reduce rear end collisions by 40%
  • Allowing ICBC to keep some of the $500 million in annual government revenue that basic rate payers subsidize in road safety, licensing and regulation that ICBC is being made to implement unlike all the private insurers in the rest of Canada
  • Legislate away the right of private insurers to recovery subrogated claims
  • Cutting down on waste and inflated material damage claims
  • Making all luxury car drivers not just exotic super cars pay more in insurance to cover vehicle damage repairs
  • Reforming ICBC management practices and improving its customer service



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