ICBC Distracted Driving Campaign

ICBC distracted driving

Man talking on the phone in his car

ICBC distracted driving campaign is now underway across BC to crack down on drivers texting, checking email and talking on their cell phones. Perhaps the largest if its kind, the campaign is part of a national effort to reduce injury caused by distracted driving.

In BC alone, Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure estimates that 25% of the more than 800 collisions per day result from drivers using their phones at the wheel. Police across the province will be checking drivers to ensure they are not using their phones for the Month of March.

Currently, in BC those caught with a phone in their hand while behind the wheel will pay a minimum of $543 for the ticket and points. Subsequent fines within one year rise to $888 for the second, $3,760 for the 5th and $14,520 for the 10th offence.

As injury lawyers, we have noticed a dramatic rise in people becoming injured as a result of rear end collisions, many the result of distracted driving. Statistics indicate distracted driving is now more serious than impaired driving was several years ago. We would like to see fines increase dramatically for the first, second and third offence with driving suspensions incorporated into the penalty.

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