ICBC Falsely Alleges Fraud

icbc-jpgICBC falsely alleges fraud and ordered to pay penalty of $350,000.

The judgment may cast doubt upon the current campaign suggesting that 10-20 percent of auto claims involve some element of fraud costing up to $600 million each year or every driver more than $100 on their annual insurance policy.

In 2000, Danica Arsenovski was involved in a car accident while a pedestrian in a crosswalk, although it is unclear if she was struck and injured by the car or another pedestrian walking with her. The lady was new to the country and did not speak English. She reported the collision through an interpreter to special investigator, John Gould, who recommended criminal charges for filing a false statement. At the time, Mrs. Arsenovski had not even sought to open a claim. The charges were later stayed when the evidence was unfounded.

The court ordered ICBC pay Mrs. Arsenovski a total of $7,225.34 for legal fees, $30,000 for emotional distress and $350,000 in punitive damages.

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