ICBC Privacy Breach Argued

ICBC Privacy Breach Argued

ICBC Privacy Breach Argued

ICBC privacy breach argued after disclosure of information to police via hotline.

While disputing a traffic ticket, alleged traffic violator, Daryl Cook, was informed ICBC had disclosed his unlisted cellular phone number to a Burnaby RCMP officer. Cook cross-examined the officer, who confirmed the existence of ICBC’s police hotline. Police can call an ICBC phone number (which is changed every six months) and provide their badge number to gain information about drivers and policyholders.

Cook filed a B.C. Supreme Court lawsuit in January 2012 alleging breach of privacy and breach of contract against ICBC.

The insurer states the police line is handled 24 hours a day by a trained unit of the Claims Contact Centre in Surrey.  They say, “If the caller cannot identify themselves properly, no information is provided.” As of March 18, there had been approximately 400 information requests via the police line in 2015, “the vast majority coming from RCMP and city police.”


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