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Arch MotorcycleKeanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, founders of the Arch Motorcycle Company, have designed and are currently marketing the KRGT-1 motorcycle. The high performance sport style motorcycle incorporates a unique 124” S&S engine and boasts 124 horse power and 124 pounds of torque. Hand built, the billet aluminum and carbon fiber components give the machine a space age, state of the art appearance. Yours for only $78,000 USD. See more at





Arch Proprietary S&S Cycle T124 Twin Cam; 124 Cubic Inches (2,032 cc); 45° Downdraft Fuel Injected V-Twin, Max HP @ Rear Wheel: 121.53     Max Torque @ Rear Wheel: 121.77


Arch Proprietary 6-Speed Baker Drivetrain w/ Custom Compact High Torque Mainshaft


Primary: Arch Proprietary Bandit Dry Belt w/ Compact Clutch Basket

Final: Right Side, 530 O-ring Chain


Frame: Arch Tube & Billet Steel w/ Billet Aluminum Structural Members

Swingarm: Modular Billet Aluminum with Titanium Axle Adjusters


Front: Ohlins Inverted 43mm; Fully Adjustable

Rear: Race Tech Single Shock w/ Reservoir and Hydraulic Preload Adjustment; Fully Adjustable


BST Ultralight Carbon Fiber; Front: 3”x 19”; Rear: 8”x 18”


Front: 120/70ZR19

Rear: 240/40R18


Front: Dual ISR 6 Piston Monoblock Radial Mount Calipers; Dual ISR Floating Dampened Discs

Rear: Single ISR 4 Piston Monoblock Radial Mount Caliper; ISR Semi-Floating Disc


Wheelbase: 68” Rake: 30° Trail: 5.0” Seat Height: 27.8”

Dry Weight: 538lbs

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