May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

motorcycle awareness posterSpring has arrived in most of Canada and approximately 670,000 motorcyclists and scooter riders will be back on the road. Motorcycle fatalities declined from 266 to 175 in the past five years but this is not good enough.

Motorcycle Awareness Month in May is a time for motorists and motorcyclists to be aware of one another and stay safe.

We need you to spread the word, organize a ride or safety event and talk to your local government. The Motorcycle Confederation of Canada needs your help to raise awareness that motorcyclists are back on our beautiful Canadian roads from coast to coast and to make every rider’s season crash free.



Tips for motorists:

  • Keep a safe distance when following a motorcycle – at least 2 seconds. They can stop faster than you think.
  • Motorcycles use a full lane. Treat them like other vehicles.
  • Check your blind spots frequently and before changing lanes. A motorcycle is small enough to be completely hidden in your blind spot.
  • Double check at intersections – especially when turning left. Almost half of all motorcycle accidents involving a car occur when a vehicle turns left in front of a motorcycle.
  • Watch for off road motorcycles in rural areas.

Tips for motorcyclists:

  • Keep a safe distance around you and maintain a proper lane position.
  • Check your mirrors frequently. Be aware of traffic especially at intersections.
  • Wear reflective and visible clothing.
  • Wear an approved safety helmet and gear.
  • Ride at your comfort level.
  • Be aware of animals on the road.

* A message from the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada – See


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