Motorcycle Smart Helmets

Motorcycle Smart HelmetsCutting edge motorcycle ‘smart’ helmets can now integrate safety and navigational systems through electronic technology. Features include GPS, Bluetooth systems and a built in ‘heads-up display’ camera acting as a rear view mirror.

Heads up display allows riders to access a rear view camera located in the back of the helmet depicting the road behind while simultaneously watching ahead.  The rear view display is projected on the inside of the visor and provides a 180 degree viewing angle. It can also display speed and tachometer gauges. GPS will work in two modes each allowing the operator to follow directions to a desired destination. Bluetooth enables hands free telephone communication and permits the rider to listen to streaming music.

Skully Systems offers a selection of helmets, all DOT and ECE certified, ranging in price from $1,299- $2,699. Other features include: fog, scratch and glare resistant visor, quick release chin strap and visor; interchangeable padding inserts; and lightweight aerodynamic shell.

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