Motorcycles Riding Side by Side

Motorcycles Riding Side by SideMotorcycles riding side by side in the same lane in British Columbia is not illegal. Confusion surrounding amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act have riders believing they are not permitted to ride two abreast as was allowed under earlier legislation.

Section 194(10) of the Motor Vehicle Act reads as follows:

(10) Except when overtaking and passing other motorcycles, more than 2 operators of motorcycles must not operate their motorcycles side by side in the same direction in the same traffic lane.

Riding more than two abreast in the same lane is subject to 2 points and a $109 fine.

According to most safety experts however, riding side by side is not always the safest method of operation. The Canada Safety Council and the BC Safety Council proposed riding in a staggered formation while leaving space between the motorcycle in front and to the side. Staggered formation permits room to react in the event it becomes necessary.

BC Motor Vehicle Act s. 194

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