Sales Tax Increase Proposed

Sales Tax Increase ProposedSales Tax Increase Proposed

New car owners hoping to avoid a proposed 0.5 per cent sales tax by buying a vehicle outside Metro Vancouver would be out of luck if the upcoming transportation plebiscite passes.

Metro Vancouver mayors want to increase sales tax by 0.5% on new car purchases to fund rapid transit growth. New car sales outside the Lower Mainland will not be exempt. Mayors requested the move after concerns from Metro’s new car dealerships and the public that the tax might not provide a level playing field with dealers outside the

The announcement comes as Metro Vancouver residents started receiving ballots this week for the plebiscite, which asks residents if they support a 0.5 per cent sales tax to fund transportation expansion. Metro Vancouver mayors argue the new tax would generate $250 million annually, which would help fund $7.5-billion in transportation projects over 10 years.


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