Sikhs Denied Helmet Exemption in Ontario

sikh helmetSikh motorcyclists in Ontario have once again been denied the option of wearing traditional headgear in place of a safety helmet when riding a motorcycle. Premier Kathleen Wynne reports, “After careful deliberation, we have determined that we will not grant this type of exemption as it would pose a road safety risk. Ultimately, the safety of Ontarians is my utmost priority, and I cannot justify setting that concern aside on this issue.”

This decision comes after the 2008 decision where the court ruled against a human rights challenge to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act that had been launched by Baljinder Badesha, a devout Sikh who was fined $110 in 2005 for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Sikh riders in British Columbia and Manitoba are permitted to wear a turban as part of their religion in place of a safety helmet.

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