Sturgis Sees Lower Injury Rate

sturgisThe number of fatal accidents at the Sturgis Rally is down over last year, according to the South Dakota Highway Patrol. Notably, 4 people died in crashes around the Sturgis Rally, down from 6 last year. The number of injury accidents was 68, also lower than last 69 last year.

The Sturgis Rally and Races were first held in 1940 by the Jack Pine Gypsies, a local American Motorcycle Association motorcycle club. They wanted to create an event that was close to the centre of North America where riders of all makes and models could socialize, while watching or participating in motorcycle competition. Over the years, the attendance has grown exponentially. As a participant of the Rally in 1982 (65,000 registered), 1990 (400,000 estimated attendance) and 1995 (various estimates approximately 350,000 to 400,000), this writer can testify to the huge numbers of cycles attending the Black Hills area for the 7 day event.

As one of the largest rallies, if not the largest rally in the world, motorcycle enthusiasts have an opportunity to see what it would be like if the world was taken over by two wheeled (and three wheeled) machines. We hope the data above is the beginning of a new trend for the Rally and that accident related injury and death will be on the decline in years to come.

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